Our shamans

Masters shamans

Between Cusco, Puno and their different sacred places, you will have the opportunity to talk and interact with our mystic shamans, esoteric shamans, Yatiris, alchemists, Kolliris, Altomisayoc, Aruspices, Pacocahuas, Chacanis, Achachilas, Kallahuayas and San Padreros.

They will help you in your journey to find yourself or to find yourself again if you lost your way, you will also be able to know the energies that is inside yourself, they are there waiting for you to discover them.

These shamans will help you to see these energies and will teach you practices for you to be able to control these energies.

We count with the following Shaman Masters:

        • Master Isidro Jallo
        • Master Pascual
        • Master Mariano
        • Master Jesús Rodríguez
        • And other Masters Queros

Our founder gives the following workshops and ceremonies the whole year.

Ceremonies and workshops

  • Mystic Altiplano
  • The eagle and the condor
  • Activation of the Solar Disk
  • The 11.11 portal
  • Metaphysical encounters
  • Andean healing conference
  • Portal 12.12



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After every trip we organize our clients always return to their countries satisfied for the beautiful touristic places we guide them to, for the excellent service and for the personalized attention we bring to them.

We base our services in Munay, Llancay and Yachay (service, love and wisdom) as our ancient fathers based their lives.

With Kontiki Tours you will have security, confidence and personalized attention, with guaranties that you our clients deserve.

Happy to be of service to you Children of the Sun.

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